PAP – out.

Not even 24 hrs have passed since we received the news of Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau being waived. We are yet to see whether any team picks him up or if he’s heading to Bridgeport.

The debate of PAP being a legit first liner have already been discussed among the fans, won’t get deep into this. With a brief comment, my own feelings are diverse. Love PAP as a character player, seen the chemistry with JT before. However, have to say that the ceiling/top-line attributs are just not there. What’s more interesting is a closer look into what this means for the Isles opening night roster.

I can see three scenarios, #1 being a long shot, the second one not likely and the third staying the course of the Cappy/Snow train. Dig in:

  1. Trading for an elite winger. Hey, how about forming a true top line for once? Bringing in a legit scorer/playmaker alongside JT & Ladd would give us much needed firepower up front. There are other options but whatever happens – make sure to give that line consistency over the season. Dream player: Kucherov (Strome + Ho-Sang traded in this scenario – hey it’s my column, I call the shots!).

Ladd – JT – Kucherov

Beauvillier – Barzal – Lee

Quine – Nelson – Bailey

Kulemin – Cizikas – Clutterbuck

Leddy – Hamonic

Hickey – Boychuk

DeHaan – Seidenberg


Scratches: Chimera (well, haven’t washed that Caps-aura off in my books just yet), Pulock, Prince (INJ), Grabovski (INJ)

2. The kids can play. I cannot have been the only one not approvning the playing style from the past season. Slow, chippy play without the energy and transitioning that was significant of the few previous seasons of revived hope for the franchise. What happens if we not only bring #13 & #72 into the starting roster, but replace PAP with #66?! Speed, grit, determinability and goalscoring is all there. Sure, there will be a few flaws but this type of line-up would definitely light my fire. Hell, it’ll even lead to The Cup in 16/17 and good ole’ Johnny will sign a long-term deal to lead us to it. Give Ho-Sang a mulligan for the sleep-in incident and go for the Calder Trophy!

Ladd – JT – Ho-Sang

Beauvillier – Barzal – Lee

Strome – Nelson – Bailey

Kulemin – Cizikas – Clutterbuck

Leddy – Hamonic

Hickey – Boychuk

DeHaan – Pulock


Scratches: Chimera (sorry Jason, left out once again – keep pushing), Seidenberg, Quine, Prince (INJ), Grabovski (INJ)

3. Going about business as usual. The third and most tiresome (likely) alternative to the forming the starting roster will be replacing PAP with Strome for opening night – then finding out that Strome won’t really mesh with JT/Ladd when being placed on the wing. Sure, the guy will be a good player but until we give him top-6 minutes and as a center, he will not reach his full potential. There will most certainly be a half assed start to the season for the Islanders offense, not looking all that bad in the standings because of solid D and Halak entering the season with in World Cup fashion. However, the risk of this leading up to numerous changes to the top line is big and won’t make wonders for the Captain’s hunger of putting ink to that long-term deal, staying on the island.

Ladd – JT – Strome

Beauvillier – Barzal – Lee

Chimera – Nelson – Bailey

Kulemin – Cizikas – Clutterbuck

Leddy – Hamonic

Hickey – Boychuk

DeHaan – Seidenberg


Scratches: Quine, Pulock, Prince (INJ), Grabovski (INJ)

Which direction would you like the team to be heading?




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